STIPED non invasive brain stimulation


STIPED will produce the following results and impacts:

Optimisation of therapeutic strategy

  • Evidence for effects of tDCS over the prefrontal cortex on executive functions (working memory / sustained attention / inhibitory control) in patients with ADHD and over the temporo-parietal cortex on perspective taking in patients with AS
  • Evidence for and modeling of associations between brain development, anatomy and physiology of the brain/head in the context of a patient's age and individual parameters of brain stimulation (montage, setting, intensity, combination with a task/training)
  • Individual modeling of current density and distribution depending on age
  • Definition of biomarkers which predict individual effects of brain stimulation
  • Dissection of mechanisms of tDCS in young healthy subjects as well as in patients with ADHD and ASD.
  • Investigation of novel mechanisms of brain stimulation in patients of ADHD and ASD
  • Study of how brain connectivity predicts effects of tDCS and how tDCS changes brain connectivity

Improvement of therapeutic outcome:

  • Improvement in the clinical course of ADHD and ASD and reduction of core symptoms of these disorders
  • Strengthening and consolidation of compliance of both patients and their families during the treatment
  •  Improvement of treatment quality of ADHD and ASD
  •  Development of new recommendations and standards for application of tDCS in children and adolescents
  •  Improved service, increased confidence in compliance support system for disease/patient management
  •  Reduced health care costs of chronic pediatric neuropsychiatric disorders
  • Creation of a new market with a new population of patients, new customers, distribution of stimulation devices in clinics and outpatient departments
  • Establishment of a special European expertise in tDCS as a stand-alone feature in the clinical care and increase European competitiveness in this area


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