STIPED consortium in Copenhagen, Denmark
STIPED consortium in Copenhagen, Denmark
STIPED consortium in Copenhagen, Denmark

Neuroelectrics (NE)

Neuroelectrics (founded in 2011) designs and develops novel cloud-connected medical devices that are nowadays used worldwide together with innovative data analysis and consultancy services. Neuroelectrics (NE) was born as the effective translation of science into market with an expertise gained in several Integrated Projects and Specific Targeted Research Projects (STREP) (i.e. SENSATION IP - micro/nano sensors, project with more than 40 partners and 10 million Euro funding, Humabio - biometry using physiological signals, HIVE Strep project in FP7 - brain stimulation, and BEAMING IP - virtual teletransportation, integrated project, 10 Million Euro funding). NE is currently employing 20 highly qualified people. NE team has sound experience both in neuroscience and the creation of advanced, cloud-connected medical devices. NE products StarStim technologies provide safe brain stimulation capabilities that are used to help patients recover their brain health, while Enobio is a research and diagnosis solution that simplifies the way brain waves are monitored. NE is currently targeting ADHD, ASD, chronic pain, post stroke rehabilitation, addictive disorders and depression cases, with telemedicine solutions that allow patients to be treated, not only in the clinical environment, but also at home. NE aims to become the trusted leader in Brain Health by providing measurement tools and making neuromodulation affordable and available for every patient in need. NE aims to be the world trusted leader on wireless technologies to monitor and stimulate the brain at home. NE works closely with the sister company Starlab (Neuroscience Research) and subsidiary Neuroelectrics Corporation in Cambridge (Boston, USA) to provide customers with end-to-end integrated systems as well as data analysis and consulting. NE is committed to delivering reliable and easy to use equipment for the observation and neuromodulation of the human brain. NE has been recently crowned as the Best Health Startup by Wired. The quality management system of NE is certified of being in compliance with the European standards for medical devices ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2012. The medical products comply with the requirements of Annex II of the European council directive 93/42/EEC and are marked with the CE mark. Our advisory board includes unique references in the Neuroscience world: Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD PhD (Harvard Medical School), Adam Gazzaley, MD PhD (University of California) and Roi Cohen Kadosh, BA PhD (University of Oxford).

Role of NE in STIPED

NE leads work package 8 and will design a specific stimulation system on the basis of current technological innovations in the medical care with an automatic internet-based remote control over stimulation devices, stimulation parameters, EEG monitoring, safety aspects and compliance. Moreover, NE will construct a stimulation system which flexibly considers individual aspects of stimulation and integrates tDCS in the innovative internet-based system of clinical care and symptom monitoring (electronic diaries).

STIPED team at NE


Dr. Rafal Nowak

Leader of WP8

Project Leader

Phone: +34 932540366




Dr. Giulio Ruffini

NE President


Dr. Oscar Ripolles

Manager Digital Brain Technologies



Dr. Ricardo Salvador

Manager Biophysical Modeling


MSc. Pawel Skorupinski

Manager Telemedicine Services







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