STIPED non invasive brain stimulation

WP7: Mechanisms of clinical efficacy of brain stimulation in children and adolescents

Work package 7 is led by Dr. Miguel Castelo-Branco (UC).

This work package will focus on explaining the mechanisms of brain stimulation in patients with ADHD and ASD as well as in healthy subjects. For that, the following specific goals are:

  • To improve the methods to measure mechanisms of brain causal interactions and connectivity, in order to better characterize relations within neuronal networks in the brain.
  • To understand the role of electrical stimulation (tDCS) interventions in brain physiology and functioning.
  • To establish relationships between brain physiology, brain functioning and behaviour.

In this work package, brain measures from healthy subjects and from patients with ADHD and ASD that were obtained on other workpackages will be thoroughly analysed. The main goal is to improve the methods of analysis of such types of measures, in order to better understand the impact of tDCS interventions on children's brain functioning, behaviour and cognition. Four different approaches will be used:

  • Optimization of algorithms for brain connectivity analysis in healthy participants and patients with ADHD and ASD.
  • Analysis of brain connectivity for physiological measures obtained in healthy subjects and in patients with ADHD and ASD before and after tDCS treatment and at follow-up, using both newly developed algorithms and already established analyses.
  • Characterization of brain information processing in healthy subjects and patients with ADHD and ASD before and after tDCS treatment and at follow-up, by analysing amplitude, latencies and localization of brain signals.
  • Analysis of the relationship between the brain measures mentioned above and children's behaviour and cognition.


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