STIPED non invasive brain stimulation

Information about the studies is also available in the following flyers:

Flyer on study for children and adolescents with ADHD in undefinedGerman and in undefinedPortuguese

Flyer on control study: in undefinedGerman and in undefinedPortuguese

Autism and its misconceptions


We are glad to share this video produced by UMR Inserm and University of Tours in the context of the Science fair a couple of years ago. This video presents in a clear and understandable way the different ideas about Autism and misconceptions such as: “Autism only affect boys, and people with autism are more intelligent”.  The video is produced in French, but you can set the automatic subtitles and the translation in YouTube. 

Directed by Judith Charpentier and Marianne Latinus

Intervnants: Laura Ponson, Emanuelle Houy-Durand, Marie Gomot
Voice-over: Marianne Latinus, Céline David, Judith Charpentier
Editing: Judith Charpentier
Design, script and animation: Judith Charpentier and Marianne Latinus
Dialogue: Laura, Emanuelle, Marie, Judith, Marianne

STIPED Symposium - May 31st and June 1st 2022

Non-invasive brain stimulation in children and adolescents with neuropsychiatric disorders: recent experiences and perspectives

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